Digital Twins

Bring Cities to Life with Digital Twins

We specialize in creating incredibly detailed and interactive digital twin city environments using Unreal Engine technology. Our digital twins allow you to visualize urban planning concepts, test infrastructure changes, train AI systems, and create engaging educational experiences.

With Unreal Engine’s cutting-edge 3D graphics and simulation capabilities, we can build city-scale digital twins that look and behave like the real thing. Every building, street, car, and environmental element is modeled in precise detail for maximum realism.

Our Digital Twin Services

  • Urban Planning and Infrastructure Testing – Evaluate the impact of potential changes to a city by running simulations in the digital twin. Test proposed developments, transportation infrastructure, emergency plans, and more.
  • AI and Machine Learning – Train autonomous vehicles and other AI systems by leveraging the realistic simulation environment of the digital twin. Drastically reduce risks compared to real-world testing.
  • Education and Training – Create immersive training simulations for urban planning, architecture, engineering, construction and other fields. Digital twins engage students and provide safe spaces to practice skills.
  • Visualization and Engagement – Bring urban planning concepts to life in interactive 3D for improved stakeholder engagement and collaboration, public consultations and more.

Get in touch today to discuss how a custom digital twin can support your urban initiatives and take city planning and management to the next level!